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Seagate FireCuda 530 M.2 2000 GB PCI Express 4.0 3D TLC NVMe

Seagate FireCuda 530 M.2 2000 GB PCI Express 4.0 3D TLC NVMe

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Seagate FireCuda 530 M.2 2000 GB PCI Express 4.0 3D TLC NVMe Description

Manu. Code
Weight (approx)
SSD form factor
SSD capacity 2000 GB
2 TB
Storage Capacity 2 TB
Power consumption (average)
8 W
Power consumption (idle) 0.024 W


Limited warranty - 5 years

Note that Seagate's warranty calculation starts from the date of manufacture, not from the date of the invoice order, if the date of manufacture is 1 year ago, then the warranty will be automatically reduced by one year, no need to worry, we offer an extended warranty plan

 5 YEARS WARRANTY BY robert computer hardware ltd,easy return and RMA

FireCuda 530 with heatsink offers a minimalist design, anodized aluminium body, and finely textured micropore surface to improve heat transfer and lower SSD temps - making it super-efficient at maximum cooling to maintain peak performance for longer periods of time. Speed Reigns - The Fastest FireCuda Ever FireCuda 530 dominates the SSD lineup, delivering: - Blistering transfer speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s. - Absolute power to make content creations apps run faster and smoother. - Lightning-fast video rendering and exporting. - Responsive performance built for accelerated gaming and sustained abuse - record, download, rewrite, repeat. Absolute Performance Up to 2x faster than PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSDs and up to 12x faster than SATA SSDs - the FireCuda 530 redefines speed. Cool Speed Ahead NVMe PCIe Gen4 extreme speeds generate extra heat. That's why Seagate partnered with EKWB - the leaders in heat management - to develop FireCuda 530's custom heatsink. Built from a high-grade aluminium block with a finely textured anodized finish to help maximise cooling efficiency, this built-in heatsink helps minimise thermal throttling while maximising peak performance for longer periods of time. Form and Function Low-profile heatsink design allows for installation in tighter spaces, and premium dark gunmetal grey anodization creates additional micropores in the material surface to promote cooling properties. Endurance Unleashed Designed to perform under heavy use and tough enough to go the distance with: - 0.7 Drive Writes per Day - fill and delete 70% of the drive capacity, every day, for five years. - 1.8 Million Hours Mean Time Between Failures for trusted reliability. - Up to 5,100 TB Total Terabytes Written - durability delivered. Latest Tech Push your rig to its limit - the FireCuda 530 is built with a Seagate-validated E18 controller and the latest 3D TLC NAND for the most advanced speed and durability. Seagate FireCuda 530. SSD capacity: 2000 GB, SSD form factor: M.2, Read speed: 7300 MB/s, Write speed: 6900 MB/s, Component for: PC

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